Thursday, August 17, 2006

Natalie at the Computer

Shuffled off to Buffalo

Ray and Val at "Buffalo"

Val at the beach at Lake Erie modelling her seaweed necklace

Not to be outdone, Ray shows off his seaweed bracelet

Ray and some cousins (too numerous to mention by name)

Val and more cousins

Val and Ray and some old guy

Water balloon toss at the Family Reunion

Ray's first toasted marshmallow

and Val's first toasted marshmallow

Val and Ray at Niagra Falls

"Take the picture already, the sun's in our eyes!"

There's that old guy again

more Falls

more cousins

if you walk up these steps...

... you end up soaked like this!

Cape May

Natalie imprisoned at the beach

Now that's a hat!

Jackie, Ray and Val frolicking

4H Fair

Ray and Marshmallow

Ray proudly wearing his ribbon

Watching baby chicks hatch

Jackie, the little mermaid

"Does this model come with training whhels?"

And what 4H fair would be complete without Star Wars characters?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Natalie and Valerie loungin' on the Bean bag